Super Bowl 2017 A bit more politics than usual

Super Bowl 2017 A bit more politics than usual, This year, the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons will face the final of the American Football Profiliga NFL. The close friendship between the new US President and important figures in the New England Patriots gives the Super Bowl an unusual political cut.

Super Bowl 2017 A bit more politics than usual. - Super Bowl 2017 A bit more politics than usual
Friends: Bill Belichick, coach of the New England Patriots, and Donald Trump. (Imago)



For the league, it is a matter of course to garnish their gala performance with great names from pop music. The half-time show at the Super Bowl – the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney, Prince and Bruce Springsteen have already contested.

The musicians usually do not use the stage for provocations. Apart from the so – called “Nipplegate” twelve years ago when Justin Timberlake expelled Janet ‘s chest, which is why she would not expect the performance of Lady Gaga in Houston tonight, the singer from New York, clearly and openly opposing the new president and his Politics, does not want to controversy:

“The only statements will be the ones I gave in my career: I believe in passion for all, I believe in equality, and in the spirit of this country, that is, in compassion and love for mankind.”

TV man Bill Maher wants Falcons victory

Others, whether they are fans of the sport of football or those who take the Super Bowl as an occasion for a cheerful party, do not give themselves so cautiously. The popular American talk show host Bill Maher, a Trump-opponent, put it on the political point: It would be nice if the Atlanta Falcons properly the New England Patriots. Because the most important characters in the club – the owner, the coach and the quarterback, are absolutely fond of Trump.

“The Falcons are playing a team where the owner, the coach, and the star quarterback all love and support Donald Trump.

There is a lot of evidence for the intense men’s friendship between Trump on the one hand and Robert Kraft on the other, the Patriots owner, Bill Belichick, the coach, and Tom Brady, the team’s best player. Last but not least, the letter that Trump presented on the evening before the election in November in the typical oily self-satisfaction. The location: a hall in New Hampshire north of Boston, home to many Patriots fans:

“Coach Belichick writes,” Congratulations on a tremendous election campaign, you were dealing with incredibly one-sided and negative media, but proved that you are the absolute competition type and fighter, your leadership skills are amazing. ”

Friendship between Trump and Belichick

Trump, whose proclamation in the entertainment and sports world consists of second, if not even third-class, figures, was honored: finally, someone of rank – a four-time Super Bowl winner – who understood him. And the fact that he had himself been a club owner in the USFL: a competition for the NFL, a league that had cost Trump out of sheer vanity and power deserts.

The two are brothers in spirit. Bill Belichick, the patriots coach, seems like a prototype of the trumpet success philosophy forged in economic life and dealing with politicians. In the the goal is everything, the means on the way there are negotiable. And the sloppy wins, if at the same time he causes enough ugly pressure.

This works better in football, if you do not do it with an open visor. Belichick, 64 years old, since 2000 the undisputed makers of the Patriots, became the best football coach of all time. The friendship with Trump, of course, he played down: politics had nothing to do with it.

“My friendship goes back many years, and I think it’s not a political person.” It’s not about political or religious views. ”


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