Inauguration of US President Is the US really so badly off as in Trump’s speech?

The speech of the 45th President of the United States to preside on the scene drew a gloomy picture of the US in 2017. Donald Trump spoke of massive poverty, lost jobs and a robbery of the military. But does what he said agree with reality?

Inauguration of US President Is the US really so badly off as in Trumps speech
US President Donald Trump holds his first speech at the Capitol in Washington after the swearing in as the 45th President of the United States. (AFP – Timothy A. Clary)

Several media, including the Washington Post and the Associated Press (AP) agency, have analyzed the individual elements of Trumps’ speech, which the new president held after his swearing in, and examined their truth content. A summary:

Trump: “You have come to millions to become part of a historical movement like the world has never seen before.”

The movement, writes the Washington Post, is not as historic as Trump proclaims it. Trump has received only the minority vote as president – and nearly 2.9 million less than Hillary Clinton. Clinton had thus most vocal distance of all the losing candidate as an analysis of AP displays.

Trump won a tight victory in three swingstates – in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. If just under 40,000 voters in these three states had elected Clinton instead of Trump, according to the Washington Post 46 electoral votes would have gone to Clinton and they would have won the election. 58 election victors Trump is scientists According  ranked only 46, which relates to the amount of voting rights held.

2. Quote Trump: “Mothers and children are trapped in poverty in our inner cities and the crime and the gangs and the drugs have taken too many lives and robbed our country of so much potential.” This slaughter ceases here and now. “

In 2015, 13.0% of the population in the US metropolitan regions lived under the poverty line. The national proportion of people living below the poverty line, is 13.5 percent, which is even slightly above (Both figures are pdf in this found on page 13).

The crime rate has been falling for two decades, is , according to the Washington Post well below the values of the nineteen nineties and early two thousands years. In large cities, the number of killings increased in 2015 and 2016, but were far below their peak in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

3. Quote Trump: “The jobs are gone, the factories are closed, without a single thought of the workers who have been abandoned, the prosperity of our middle class has been torn from their homeland and redistributed to the whole world.”

The number of jobs is increasing, contrary to what one would expect from Trumps, for 75 months in a row – a record. The US unemployment rate was 4.7 percent in December, approaching a nine-year low. She is now moving towards full employment. Between July and September, the US economy grew by 3.5 per cent on average – and as quickly as two years ago.

“Rotten factories, which are scattered like grave stones across the landscape of our nation,” as Trump describes it, is actually present in numerous communities in the USA. Many industries had to bend to low-wage competition from China and Mexico. And the unemployment rate is also so low because many Americans are hiring jobs and are no longer seen as unemployed in statistics.

Economists, however, are convinced that the migration of jobs abroad is not the most important factor for job cuts in industry, but automation processes.The USA is not alone. In a report by the US government states: “In the US, employment in the manufacturing industry since 1990 also declined in Western Europe and Japan, although the periods of decline were different.”

4. Quotation Trump: “We have subsidized the armies of other countries and have allowed the very sad exploitation of our military.”

As far as the support of other nations is concerned, Trump probably plays on military bases in other countries. For them, the US spends, according to a Senate report from 2013,  ten billion dollars a year from (70 percent of them in Germany, South Korea and Japan). In view of a military budget of 596 billion dollars (2015) a small share.

The US military is the most advanced, most expensive and richest combat group in the world. American military expenditures are almost three times higher than that of second-placed China as the international Stockholm International Peace Research Institute SIPRI has determined.

In 2015, the US accounted for 36 percent of global military spending and invested 3.3 percent of gross domestic product in the military. By way of comparison, Germany accounted for 2.4 percent of global military spending and invested 1.2 percent of GDP in the military.

Trump has to stand: The Pentagon has, according to its own data, actually additional needs, among other things at ships, a renewed air fleet as well as larger training budgets to prepare for large-scale combat. On the other hand, the US is owned by 19 aircraft carriers – no other country in the world has more than four.

5. Quote Trump: “We must protect our borders from the devastation of the other countries that make our products, steal our companies and destroy our jobs.”

Trump continues to attack companies that move their jobs abroad and promises to keep jobs in the US. However, Trump has outsourced many of his products as a business man to other countries. In more than a dozen countries its products are manufactured, packaged and shipped.

Trump hotel pens come from China or Taiwan, shampoo, towels and dog neck straps from China. Trump vodka is produced in Israel, further garments come from India, Indonesia or from the country, against which trump his threats prefer with – Mexico.

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