First round of candidate selection for the Socialists

First round of candidate selection for the Socialists
The seven candidates in a TV debate (imago sto / PanoramiC / Gwendoline Le Goff)

In France, supporters of the ruling socialists decide over their presidential candidates.

In today’s first round a total of seven candidates are taking part. The former Prime Minister, Valls, is a favorite. The applicants also include former heads of business and education, Montebourg and Hamon, as well as the former Minister of Housing, Pinel. The countrywide around 7,500 polling stations close at 7 pm. Anyone entitled to vote in the dial-up list is authorized to vote, who has signed up to support the values ​​of the Left and Greens. Between the two candidates with the most votes, a selection will take place next Sunday.

The candidate of the socialists competed in the two rounds of the presidential election in April and May, among others, with the Conservative Fillon and the head of the Front National, Le Pen. The former Minister of Economic Affairs, Macron, succeeds as a successor of the Socialist Hollande .

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