Davos without Trump A meeting without value

At the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, urgent topics should be discussed. Without the future US president Donald Trump, who can not come because of the introduction, the debates are almost meaningless, comments Klemens Kindermann. Because everyone wanted to know what he actually did.

Davos without Trump A meeting without value

Davos without Trump A meeting without value
The logo of the World Economic Forum in Davos 2017. Without Trump a meeting without great value (FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP)

Do you know that too? They are planning a party, well in advance, the greatest trouble with the ambiance, the accompaniment music and the cocktails – and then the most important guest does not come: the one without which the whole party will be bored because only talked about it , But unfortunately not with it?

It is now just as much for the creators of the World Economic Forum in Davos. More than 1,000 boardmembers travel to the homely winter landscape under Flüela Schwarzhorn – but the main person is not there: Donald Trump. The new US president, who must be on his way to his presidential election in Washington on Friday, is the talk agenda. Because he is obviously wildly determined to control the world’s largest economy in a completely new direction. From the liberal market economy a secluded economy will become an old, mercantilist painting; From an economic regulation a bazaar of deals – if this is not a topic for a global economic forum.

In fact, the menu for Davos was planned with the help of Philipp Rösler, the former German Minister of Economic Affairs, who was responsible for the event. A bit of “disruption” as an appetizer, the destruction of old-fashioned business models. To the main course everything about digitization, the new world of work and what you can learn from Silicon Valley. And as dessert: Thinking about the clashing of society. This menu can lead Rösler back into the kitchens of the Nobelhotels of Davos: everyone wants to know what is happening now – with Trump. Do you have to kiss like half the Silicon Valley? Do you have to promise him a new auto werk in Virginia? Or can you even earn it? How big is his great economic program really? Or do everything end up in the end, is the trade war with China, the role backwards in Iran?

The most important guest present of the Davos Elite has already spoken: China’s state and party chairman Xi took a stand – Trump. Nobody could emerge from a trade war as a winner, no to protectionism. China as a champion for free trade? What would Trump say? We do not know it. He is not in Davos. Not guilty, but this year Davos has missed the subject and is meaningless.

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